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       Priyantha  Dharmapriya   Rankothgedera 


Demand Forecast Analyst,                             Tel :      966 1 4700005

Corporate Planning Dept.,                              Fax :     966 1 4701555

Almarai Company Limited,                            Email :

P.O.Box 8524,

Riyadh 11492, K.S.A.


        OBJECTIVE ___________________________________________________________________     


To seek a challenging position as a finance professional in a leading organisation


         KEY SKILLS __________________________________________________________________________


1.           Financial and Management Accounting in major companies

2.           Implementation of Business Policies & Procedures

3.           Implementation of new Accounting and Related Software

4.           Experience in shipping Accounting

5.           Expertise in Route Sales, Distribution systems and Logistics functions.

6.           Effective use of  resources and efficient monitoring.

7.           Ability to work under pressure with out supervision.

8.           Honesty, integrity in all business activities

9.           Excellent customer relations

10.        Team work.


          PROFILE _____________________________________________________________________________


Possess  16 years experience in  Manufacturing, Distribution and Service environments in  the fields of

Accounting and Finance management, Office administration and Logistics functions.


          PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS ____________________________________________________


1.           Member of the Institute of Financial Accountants - UK  (IFA).

2.           Qualified  as a Licentiate of  the  Institute of  Chartered Accountant of Sri Lanka (LICA).

3.           Member  of   the   Association  of   Accounting  Technicians  of   Sri  Lanka.  -  (MAAT)

4.           Obtained a Diploma on Business Management/ Administration (with a merit award) from  Cambridge Tutorial College, Britain.

5.           Successfully completed following certificate courses in computer studies.

(a)    Certificate course in Data entry and Data tabulation   -  in 1986.

(b)   Certificate course in Dbase III plus programing   -  in 1988.

(c)   Certificate course in System Analysis and Design  -  in  1990.

(d)   Excel 7.0  Windows  95   - in 1997.

6.           Successfully completed following courses at IBM - Sri Lanka branch.

(a)   Introduction to System 36.

(b)   Introduction  to RPG II.

(c)   Standards and Documentation (Mid - Range Systems)

7.           Successfully completed Adaytum Planning training course in June 99.



 CAREER DETAILS ________________________________________________________________________


Almarai company limited  - K.S. A.(The world’s largest vertically integrated dairy company)

Depot Accountant in Sales & Marketing Division in South west region  - 1993 / 1994.

Regional Logistic supervisor   of  South west region  - 1994 / 1995.

Accountant in Operations division  - 1997 / 1998

Demand Forecast Analyst  in Corporate Finance Division - Since 1998   

Kelani Paper Converters Ltd. - Sri Lanka (Business engaged in manufacturing of corrugated cartons) Management Accountant  -  1995  to 1997


John Keells Group of companies. - Sri Lanka. - 1986  to 1993

a. Mackinnon Makenzie & Co.  of Ceylon Ltd.

   The company  recruits Professionals as well as skilled manpower for employment  overseas.

b. Mackinnon & Keells Financial Services Ltd.

   The company  which  is  engaged  in  Margin  Trading,  Leasing,  and Managing  Real estate.

c. Mack International  Freight  Ltd.

   The company engaged in Sea and Air freight and also serves as the general sales agent for DHL

d. Mackinnon Mackenzie & Co.(Shipping) Ltd.

    The company which  serves  as  an  agent  for  P& O,  CSAV,  CCNI


Expolanka Group of companies  -  Sri Lanka.  - 1985  to  1986

Group engaged  in  Exporting , Importing , Freight forwarding, and cargo  handling for  Saudi Arabian Airlines.


J.B.Textiles Industries Ltd.  -  Sri Lanka. -  1984  to  1985 

Company engaged in Manufacturing of textiles.



EXPERIENCE POSSESS IN    (AS A LOGISTIC SUPERVISER) ____________________________


1.           Efficient supervision of depots to ensure that the  company policies and procedures are implemented

   and monitored to include areas of  Depot  hygiene  and  cleanliness,  Health and safety, Security, Cold   chain management and  Quality

2.           Co-ordinating and processing  Orders/ Allocations and from/ to Plant/depots in the region. Ensuring the right product arrives at the right time in the right depot.

3.           Monitoring and controlling of wastage in the region and assuring the proper classification and disposal of product wastage .

5.Spot  checking  depot stock  and  verifying the  accuracy and  validity of weekly/ monthly    stock  count carried out by the depot accounts and stock controllers.

6.Rotation of stocks among the depots to ensure that there is no over/ under stocking of products.

7. Following up allocation amendments with the customer service department.

8. Supervision focusing on procedures and systems to ensure that the cold chain is maintained.

9. Liaise with Regional executives in the depot  operations and activities.

10. Assist Regional fleet manager to ensure optimum efficiency and productivity of sales vans.

11. Purchasing of right item to receive value for money at all times.


EXPERIENCE POSSESS IN    (AS AN ACCOUNTANT ) _________________________­­__________



a) Maintaining Ledgers , prime entry books, bank and cash reconciliation cash / funds flow statements.

b) Short term investment of surplus funds (with in the group or on call deposits)  in order to maximise interest earnings.

d) Supervision on petty cash disbursements, cash collections and bank lodgements.



 Maintaining  of ledgers, scrutinising  of Trial balance , preparation of  Final accounts.



a) Assisting in Annual audit procedures (Liaise with External auditors) Preparation of Audit package.

b) Carrying out Internal audit checks as required by the management.



 Requisitioning, Ordering and Invoicing, Maintaining  of control ledgers and Registers   Preparation of  age analysis, Following up Debtors & Temporary credits, Monitoring payments to creditors



 Preparation of monthly payroll , E.P.F., E.T.F. & P.A.Y.E. Tax records and over time  computations.

 Allocation and apportionment of wages and salaries.



 Physical verification of stocks. Maintenance of stores ledgers. Review of stock verification.

 Maintenance of source and usage report.



 Physical verification of fixed assets,   Maintenance of Fixed assets register.



 a) Preparation of Budget, Forecast and Long term strategic plans.

 b) Submitting of reports on performance as required by the management.

 c) Interpretation of reports including accounts, Variance analysis.

 d) Preparation of monthly accounting package.


9.Assist the Finance manager (Accounting manager or Regional accountant)

   in implementation and development of Guide lines, Procedures, Standards, Policies and Directives issued by the Institutions or the Management.




1.   Manage the forecasting process, maintaining the Procast and generate the business’ demand forecast.

2.     Manage the intelligence gathering process.

3.     Fuse the base forecast with the intelligence.

4.     Build a database of critical events with Procast.

5.     Provide base data for Budget process.

6.     Assist the administrative aspects of forecast release and sign off process.

7.     Daily monitoring of all key milk balance factors and selling of milk.


PERSONAL  DETAILS _______________________________________________________________


   Nationality      :  Sri Lankan                                                       Marital Status :   Married


   Address           :  39/3 A, Bodhirukkarama Road,                      Date of birth :     01.04.1963

                              Kelaniya,   Sri Lanka.    

                                                                                                       Telephone    :     00941 917865